October 3 – Feeling Crazy 

Feeling crazy is part of the human condition sometimes. Our emotions can be so overwhelming at times that we simply have to let them out. The way in which we release our emotions has a lot to do with whether the process is healing or harmful though. When we take our emotions out on others, we feel bad. Have you ever exploded in rage at someone? Perhaps you were upset about something entirely unrelated, but you snapped at a well-meaning person and took out your anger on them instead? It doesn’t feel very good when we do this.

Even when we merely vent our frustrations to someone, we might feel a temporary release, but eventually we feel bad about what we’ve done. Venting brings down the energy of the person we are talking to and leaves everyone in the conversation feeling negative. 

In general, our negative emotions such as sadness, despair, rage, and so on make us feel a little crazy. How do we get so easily overwhelmed? Why aren’t we in better control of our emotions? We beat ourselves up for the mere act of being human. 

photo of gray concrete road in the middle of jungle during daylight

On this, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“We feel so overwhelmed by our feelings sometimes that we just feel like screaming. Women (and men!) do scream. We scream at our children, we scream at our spouse, we scream at our friends, and we scream at our employees. Often we and they attribute this behavior to the ‘time of the month’ and write it off as crazy hormonal behavior. Down deep we feel ashamed, guilty, crazy, and unclean about this show of emotions. 

Sometimes screaming is normal and necessary. We need to cry. We need to scream. It is part of our process and a normal response to living in a high-pressure, addictive society. However, we need not scream at others. We need to have our safe places where we can let our feelings out: have a good cry or have a good scream. This processing is normal for the human organism. We just believed that we were the only ones who needed it.”

Negative emotions and feeling bad are just part of being human. We all experience these things, and they can be quite distressing for us, but they’re nothing to get upset over. This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever, even our bad mood, no matter how it might feel in the moment. 

It’s important that we let these emotions out in a healthy way, which is to say we must release them in such a way as to not hurt ourselves or others in the process. While it might feel good in the moment to yell, scream, hit, kick, or otherwise punish the people around us for our bad mood, once the adrenaline rush of our rage subsides, we find we feel worse. It doesn’t feel good to hurt other people, it turns out. We find that we feel ashamed and unclean for our negative emotions and the way in which we respond to them. For taking them out on others. 

It’s good to have a hard cry sometimes, or to yell and scream in anger. If we bottle those emotions up and avoid feeling them, we end up hurting ourselves. They need to be let out lest they become cancerous. However, we must release them into the universe, not direct them at any one individual. When we release our emotions in private in a positive way, such as by yelling, writing things down and tearing up the paper, or performing a physical activity like running or punching a punching bag, we can then feel better without guilt or shame. It allows us to release our bad feelings, letting them go without the pain or embarrassment of hurting another. 

Feeling crazy can actually be a sign of sanity. It’s the world that makes us crazy sometimes, not ourselves. 

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