September 25 – Confused Thinking

Shakti Gawain said, “Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.” Confused thinking seems to be the only kind us addicts and workaholics are capable of. We have lost our clarity, and our priorities are all misaligned. We have overthought things so much that we have tied our own hands in our mental web. We’d do well to remember that our first instinct is usually right. We need to relearn how to trust our own judgment. 

pair of shoes hanging on electric wire

On this, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Sometimes we just think too much. We have a problem to solve, and we believe that if we can just figure it out we will be all right. The more we figure, the more confused we become, until we have ourselves in a complete muddle. Then we use this occasion to beat ourselves up for being so dumb and stupid that we can’t figure out the solution—and the downward spiral continues. We are in our disease of addiction. We are operating out of the addictive process. We are indeed experiencing a loss of energy, a loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.”

I know this feeling all too well. Sometimes we get carried away by our thoughts as they spiral out of control. We get sucked down the drain and into the addictive cycle of repeating the same behavior we can feel does not work for us. We’re confused and conflicted, and we confuse ourselves even more by overthinking things. We are too hard on ourselves when we aren’t able to reach a conclusion quickly or easily see a solution to a problem we face. We don’t have all the answers! We’re only human after all. 

Besides, when we look deep within our hearts, we find we usually know what to do. Often, the right thing to do turns out to be what we wanted or thought from the beginning all along. Our first impression, our gut reaction—whatever you want to call it, it is usually right. Those who overthink and strive for perfection, we tend to doubt ourselves most of all. We never trust our own instincts. I always think other people know better than I. How often are we wrong, though? More importantly, how often do we turn out to be right? It’s time we learn to trust ourselves.

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