September 21 – Clarity 

Clarity is seeing a situation for what it really is. When we have clarity, we just know what to do. Our competence allows us to handle situations swiftly and intelligently. We have to be able to share our clarity with the world in order to help others solve problems though. So often, women are denied the chance to have our voices heard. We fail to share our clarity with the world, or, if we do share, the world fails to hear it. We see things in a way that is unique to us and our experiences, and no one else brings the perspective that we can. We deserve to be heard, and others deserve the chance to learn from what we know. 

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On this, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“What a struggle it has been for us to repress our knowing for all these years . . . for all these centuries. Our addiction to doing too much enables us to ignore our own wisdom, so that we fit more easily into an addictive society. 

How often have we kept our mouths shut at board meetings and staff meetings because sharing our knowledge would arouse a great hue and cry, or be completely ignored?

We have tried so hard to fit into a society that we did not create and to become acceptable to that society that we have become the amazing shrinking women. Yet, we know and we know we know.”

It is exhausting and tiresome trying to please everyone. When we take a closer look at our lives, we see that we have been changing our behavior and personality, who we are, to fit into this premade society. Why? Why shouldn’t society be forced to accept women as we are? We shouldn’t have to change to be more like men to fit in. And we have our own value and knowledge to bring to the table that is not being heard in many places today. Often, we hold ourselves back because we will be talked over, ignored, someone else will take our idea… on and on it goes. We are denying the world a gift by not sharing our knowledge and clarity. We often know what is right, and we know that we know.

It doesn’t feel good to withhold our expertise and opinions from the world, because by omitting information, we are essentially being deceitful and lying. We are failing to positively influence a situation we know something about. Clarity is not just knowing the right thing to do, but actually following through and doing it. That means sharing what we know. We have an obligation to ourselves and to society. Especially to other women.

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