September 19 – Being Present to the Moment 

When we are fully absorbed in what we are doing, we might not pay attention to much else around us. This inattentiveness is mistaken for rudeness by other people, but it is not that we are rude. We are just focused. They are interrupting a moment in which we are present only to ourselves and the task at hand. It is in these moments that we are tapped into our creativity and the higher power of the universe. We are in that magical place of flow. We are present to the moment and all that it holds. 

lake near forest

On this, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Have you ever watched a cat stalk a bird? Every muscle, every tendon, every heartbeat is focused on the prey. 

Have you ever watched a cat stretch after a nap? Every muscle, every tendon, every heartbeat is totally involved in the stretch. 

Sometimes when we are totally concentrating on a task we may seem rude and inattentive. Yet we are wholly present. We are present to our moment of focus. 

These moments of complete focus are magical moments and frequently are times when we experience the oneness with our Higher Power and the process of the universe. We are totally within ourselves, and we are totally beyond ourselves.”

Animals and babies present the best example of being present to the moment, for they have no ego. They seem to exhibit no self-consciousness. They exist, and they live as they are minute to minute. Cats put every muscle, whisker, and hair into what they are doing. They have a laser beam of focus that is especially fun when it comes to playing and hunting. 

Focus is a good thing. It helps us to accomplish our goals, yes, but it also relaxes us and puts us in touch with our creativity. When we get lost in the moment and are completely drawn into what we’re doing, we lose sight of our worries, doubts, and fears. We don’t think at all, yet we feel a deep sense of peace and calm. We are in a state of being. This being makes us whole. 

Focus is necessary if we want to realize our own greatness. People may get annoyed when they are not at the receiving end of our attention, but that is okay. We are present to the moment, ourselves, and our higher power. Others can wait. 

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