September 3 – In Touch With a Power Greater Than Oneself 

Reasoning and logic have no place in the process of the universe. A greater power is, in its greatness, inherently beyond the limits of our comprehension. We tap into a higher power of the universe through introspection, quiet, stillness, and calm… Beyond words, it is a spiritual experience that is felt more than logically thought through. Intuition, not intelligence, are what’s needed to commune with a power greater than ourselves. 

two person on boat in body of water during golden hour

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“If we are to have any hope of being in touch with the process of the universe or with a power greater than ourselves, we must learn to move beyond our rational, logical minds and to let ourselves ‘dream.’

That does not mean that there is anything wrong with our rational, logical minds, but we can have trouble connecting with a force greater than ourselves when we lead with our rational minds. 

There are so many things in this universe that affect us with which we are connected. Sometimes the only way we can be aware of that connection is to let ourselves dream beyond our knowing. We have so much to learn from everything around us, if we just open ourselves to that which may be.”

When you think back on your life, isn’t it funny how everything seems to be connected? I can trace every aspect of my present back through a long chain of events, some of them chance circurmstance and others planned, that have lead me to here. Everyone, I’m fairly certain, can. Even connections we were not initially conscious of at the present time are obvious to us in hindsight.  This connectedness and idea almost of fate, if you will, are part of the mystery and intrigue of the universe. The same power that connects us to  each other and leads us to our destined paths also flows through every being in the world. It is more than any one person individually, and bigger even than humanity as a whole. That kind of power is so great as to be beyond our rational thinking mind. We can only begin to commune with it in a dream. It is when we find peace and inner calm that we tap into the universe’s power and see that it is both greater than us, yet also within us too. It is outside the realm of our understanding, but we feel it. It is there always. We need only reach out to get in touch with it.

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