July 26 – Trust

Perfectionists, workaholics, people who do too much… we tend not to have much trust in the world, whether in ourselves or in others. We are anxious. We worry. We fret over the small details most others would miss because we believe that if we don’t have control down to the last detail, then things won’t work out the way we want them, and that would definitely be catastrophic. We often don’t trust our own instincts or knowledge, instead choosing to default to an authority figure to make our decisions for us. This lack of trust extends even to our spirituality. We doubt our ability to connect to and channel our higher power. We fear that we alone are not enough to converse with God.

brown and green mountain view photo


On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“We often think that we have to work to know God and that we have to have experts to teach us how to know our Higher Power. 

What a wonderful surprise it is suddenly to discover that the capacity to know God and be connected with our Higher Power dwells within us and to discover that instead of working at this connection, we have only to admit that it is already there. We may have lost our awareness of our relationship with our Higher Power, and the connection has never stopped. It is only that our awareness of it has dimmed and become obscure.”

We forget that we don’t need an authority figure to tell us how to talk to God. Our spirituality, our relationship with our higher power, reside within us, and they can be reached at any time. It’s not that we have lost our connection to a higher power as Anne says, but merely that our awareness of that connection has dimmed. We have distracted ourselves to exhaustion with endless work and busyness that keep us from hearing our inner voice. If we stay very still, however, and learn to embrace the calm and quiet rather than run from it, we will find that we can still hear it. Our connection to a higher power has never left us. In fact, it has been there the whole time. 

We have to learn to trust that we alone are enough. We are as capable as anyone else. While we may not know everything, we have enough sense to find the answers on our own. We have the tools and skills we need to commune with our higher power, to seek wisdom from the universe, and to make our own decisions in life. Trust means knowing deep down that we alone are enough. We are all part of the greater energy of the world, and we can tap into that power anytime by simply looking within. There is not only one right way to do anything in life. We are all just trying to get by by figuring things out the best we can as we go. 

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