July 25 – Wonder 

Wonder is a sense of awe and fascination that fills us when we behold something great. It is a stillness that settles over us as we take in the warmth of the sun, the promise of a new day, the joy of living. The world is full of wonder. Every day presents us with a multitude of opportunities to bask in the glory that is life. Today’s passage opens with a quote from Zelda Fitzgerald that perfectly captures the spirit of wonder: one finds in nature: “I take a sun bath and listen to the hours, formulating, and disintegrating under the pines, and smell the resiny hardi-hood of the high noon hours. The world is lost in a blue haze of distance, and the immediate sleeps in a thin and finite sun.” 

trees in park

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

I read the above passage, and I feel lost in wonder—wonder at the beauty of the words and phrases. I read it and I remember the wonder of a spontaneous sunbath in a light-speckled woods where the sun on my skin enhanced the mixed scent of forest musk and pungent pine, as the smells permeated my body. I can remember listening to the hours as they initially crashed around me, then gradually smoothed into a murmur as my body relaxed into the earth and into myself. The world seemed far away, and there was no need to bring it closer.”

There is something about being in nature. It brings us closer to ourselves, revealing our true nature, while at the same time reminding us of our connection to the larger world. Nature speaks to our soul, reawakening something deep within us that has lain dormant for years. The wonder of nature is its ability to both draw us in and pull us out. The mere existence of life is a wondrous thing to behold. Consider the many circumstances that had to align in order for the world we know today to come into being. How fortunate for us that we get to be a part of it! Nature stands the test of time—it has existed long before us, and it will continue to exist long after us. You can wile away an afternoon quite easily as you lounge in the shade of long, cool grass looking up at the dappled sunlight through the leaves of the trees, thinking about the wonders of the world. It’s good to occasionally let ourselves revel in the breathtaking beauty of the moment. 

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