July 19 – Alone Time/Being Responsible 

When we are so overwhelmed with responsibility that we can barely find time to breathe, let alone to take care of ourselves, it can seem irresponsible to carve time out from our busy schedules for dedicated self-care. Sometimes the responsible thing to do is to take time for ourselves though. How can we take care of anything or anyone if we don’t first take care of ourselves? 

tree with brunch and green leaves during sunset

On this topic Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Superwoman can always be heard to say, ‘I know that having time to oneself is important. It’s just not possible for me. I just have too many responsibilities.’

One always wonders how women who seem so powerful and so much on top of their lives can become so helpless in determining what they do with their time. Our helplessness seems to be situational and often emerges only in relation to our needs. 

As successful women, we are often least successful in caring for ourselves. We need skill training in self-help.”

The choices we make about what we do with our time are our choices, even when they might not seem like it. Have you ever put off a visit to the dentist or perhaps a car repair because you couldn’t afford it at the time? Yet, if there was a certain pair of shoes or new gadget you had your eye on that suddenly went on sale, you magically found the money to buy it? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who has done this before. Friends, I used to be this person. I would insist up and down that I didn’t have time or money to do something, yet given the opportunity to do something I genuinely wanted to, you’d better believe that I would find the time or money. I’d make it happen.

My tale serves as an important reminder that we must consider what we prioritize in life, and recognize that we have choices. The options we have to choose from may not always be the best, and we may not want to face the decisions we make, but we always have a choice. It’s time we chose ourselves for once. Part of being responsible is being honest about the choices we make and how they make us feel. If we don’t feel good, we can choose differently. 

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