July 16 – Balance

Anna Freud said, “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.” Humans are resilient. No matter what the circumstances, we find a way to survive. We can even overcome our internal programming if we really try. In the nature versus nurture debate, people often overlook the role balance plays. Balance is the center of life. A perfect state of equilibrium that lies at the heart of inner peace. 

balance ground relaxation rock balancing

On the topic of balance, Anne Wilson Schaef: 

“Even though her father believed that our lives are determined in our first five years, Anna Freud seems to have moved beyond him. Although we are affected by our past and our training, each of us has within us the possibility of moving beyond them. 

Unfortunately, when we try not to be like our parents, we get caught in the same trap as when we feel that we have to be like them. Either way we are determined by our past and controlled by our reaction to our past. Some of us spend our whole lives vacillating between these two positions. 

We do have another choice. That choice is to acknowledge our past and be ourselves.”

My husband and I recently talked about the debate between nature and nurture, and we agreed that, as with so much else in life, the truth is somewhere closer to the middle. There is a balance in everyone between upbringing, their environment, and their own genetic makeup. We can overcome the unconscious biases we hold in our minds. We can recognize and change our behavior based on our desires.  

Our past doesn’t dictate the present or future. While it’s important to acknowledge the role our past has played in our life,  it doesn’t mean we are tied to the person we were ten years ago, or even yesterday. The beauty of life is that we are capable of evolving. We can move beyond our past selves to become something new. 

Life is about finding the right balance, learning to be happy and satiated with just enough instead of indulging in too much. Finding what that “just enough” is for us. Understanding that we are more than our genes or training. We are our own person. 

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