July 13 – Being in Charge 

Have you ever considered what it means to be “in control” compared to “in charge”? Though subtle, there is a difference. Control is to have power, while charge is to have command. When we are in command, we are able to slow down and choose how we react to situations. Life is about response; we can’t control what happens. We can decide how much we allow our emotions, outside circumstances, and other people affect us though.  

red dahlia flower
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On the topic of being in charge, Anne Wilson Schaef 

“There is a vast difference between trying to control our lives and taking charge of our lives. Trying to control our lives puts us in a position of failure before we start and causes endless, unnecessary pain and suffering. 

Taking charge of our lives means owning our lives and having a respond-ability to our lives and then letting it go. Taking charge of our lives means that we do not spin our wheels with impression-management and try to be what others want us to be. It also means that we do not accept their evaluation of what we cannot be and stop there.”

When we take charge of our lives, we accept that in every situation we have choices. We may not be able to control events, other people, and even how we feel—We can choose what we do, how we respond, and the people we engage with, however. It’s amazing when we realize the amount of power we have over our own lives! 

We also determine the limits of what we are capable of. Never let someone tell you what you are capable of. Our abilities and limitations may be outside of our control, but we can damn well try and strive toward a goal. We can do whatever we set our minds to, and no one else can tell us otherwise.

We should pursue what makes us happy, what truly makes us us. That pursuit, along with the knowledge that there are some battles that are not worth fighting, are what being in charge of our lives is all about. We know ourselves better than anyone. We are in command.

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