July 8 – Growth

 Part of growth is venturing out into the unknown. To explore the boundaries of our own capabilities and knowledge, and go beyond them to discover what lies ahead. Growth requires us to extend ourselves. To push past the limits we know. To go outside of our comfort zones. Growth can be a bit scary at times, and is almost always difficult, but it is also exhilarating.  

worms eyeview of green trees
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

On the topic of growth, Anne Wilson Schaef writes: 

“To go where we have never been, whether internally or externally, is always exciting. This excitement may be covered over by fear and trepidation. Yet I have always found that somewhere deep inside of us we are excited when we have the opportunity to explore the unknown. 

Men are not the only explorers. We women are explorers too. Our explorations may take different forms; we love to try out a new recipe; we love to try out a new idea or ideology; we love to visit new places and learn from different cultures. We are especially adept at courageously launching into hidden and unknown areas in ourselves and others. In spite of our fears, there is a deep quest for our truth in each of us.”

Growth requires us to face that which we don’t know and have yet to experience. That is how we learn, and it too is how we grow. Of course, the first time we try anything will be difficult. Growth is challenging. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be growing. While facing the unknown can be scary, and we may doubt whether or not we will succeed, there is also a certain thrill that comes from trying something new. We have the ability to become better than we were, to acquire a new skill or talent, or some knowledge of the world we didn’t have before. Growth makes us better people through humbling us. To pursue growth is to pursue a truth about ourselves and the world, for everything grows. If it’s not growing, chances are it’s dying.

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