July 4 – Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is something I struggle with. Throughout my life, I have depended on others for approval. When we base our self-esteem on external factors that can change at a moment’s notice, we make ourselves vulnerable. We don’t believe in our own worth. How could we be expected to have confidence?

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On this topic, 

“When a woman believes that she is equal, she is called uppity. When we stand up for what we know and for what we believe, we are called aggressive and unfeminine. When we state that women are wonderful and that we are proud to be a woman, we are told that we are antimale. 

When we put forth our perceptions, we are told that we don’t understand reality. When we put forth our values, we are told that we are crazy and we just don’t understand the way the world works. Is it any wonder that we sometimes have trouble with self-esteem?”

Women receive many messages throughout our lives—whether in teasing on the playground, advertising or television, and more insidious means—that tell us we are too much or not enough. It’s hard not to absorb the message if you hear it enough. While our self-esteem might perpetually be under attack, we must remember that deep down it is ours. It belongs to us. Our worth is ours alone to determine. We can only be made to feel inferior if we allow ourselves to, and we have the power to decide. Self-esteem and confidence, it turns out, are choices you make every day, like being happy.

One thought on “July 4 – Self-Esteem

  1. I happen to see your Post on Self Esteem. I seem to find it rather hard to believe that such a pretty Lady such as yourself (nothing intended), has trouble with Self Esteem. I seem to think that you would have no problem meeting others. I’m feeling that they would have no problem being with or around you. Although I truly have no real idea of just who you are, except what I read here on a computer screen. However, there are lot’s of hidden things that people here on WP will not know and maybe never will.

    As for me here, I have self-esteem, but not in excess. When I truly want to do something, I can pretty much do it alone. I tend to stay to myself quite a bit. This is why you don’t see much here about my personnel Life. I still say that no one would really care anyway. There have been many things in my Life that has put me in a hole and I do tend to dwell on them. I should forget it and move on. It is very hard to do. My Daughter is one of them.


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