July 3 – Humor

Anyone who doubts that God has a sense of humor should take a second to reconsider. If you look closely at your life and the world around you, you will find that humor is everywhere. Take a platypus, for example. Now, there’s a funny animal! Humor adds color to a world gone gray with inattention. Humor injects otherwise ordinary and mundane situations with joy, casting light into the shadowy corners of life. Humor can make a bad situation good, and a good situation better. 

tree near a cliff

Today’s passage opens with a quote from Zora Neale Hurston that states, “Yo’ ole black hide don’t look lak nothin’ tuh me, but uh passel uh wrinkled up rubber, wid yo’ big ole yeahs flappin’ on each side lak uh paih uh buzzard wings.” 

On this, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“I love the writing of Zora Neale Hurston. She has a way of cutting right through to the meat of things, and she does it with humor and clarity. How often have we had thoughts similar to those quoted above, and we haven’t let ourselves enjoy the tickle and the giggle in our own minds? We make life so serious and everything so important that we don’t dare laugh—it might offend. We might offend. 

In order not to offend, we render ourselves and our lives humorless. How dull.”

The saddest thing about growing up is that we learn to suppress our creativity and sense of humor in favor of more sober and serious pursuits. We take things so seriously that we refuse to allow ourselves to have any fun! It is good to rediscover that joyous side of us that delights in a joke. The ability to laugh at oneself is one of the best traits. Laughter helps us survive the bad situations we face in life, making our burdens a little lighter. Humor helps us stay humble. We need not take ourselves or others too seriously, for we are only human after all. None of us is perfect, not even close! We make mistakes. We do absurd and ridiculous things, often with hilarious results. Human nature is funny. We are silly, and that silliness should be celebrated and laughed at. Humor gives us the means to do so. In life, there are usually two courses you can take when things don’t go your way: Get mad or laugh. Chances are either way you won’t change things, but you’ll be a whole lot happier if you laugh. Might as well see the humor in the situation, right?

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