June 29 – Self-Affirmation/Power

Everything in the universe contains energy. There is a power that flows through all beings, one which resides deep inside us as well. The closer we come to knowing ourselves, the more in tune we are with that inner power. It is not a destructive force or control over others, but a power that helps us to reach our highest potential. This power makes us better people, ones who are in tune with the universe, focused only on bringing our light to the world. When we recognize our individual worth, we are able to extend our reach to the world. There is power in self-affirmation.

scenic view of ocean during sunset

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“As we begin to get more in touch with ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are, we begin to entertain the thought that we might, indeed, be ‘an incandescent power.’ We begin to feel our power and know it not as power over others, as personal power, glowing within.

As we clear out the garbage of our crazy addictive behavior, we uncover a spiritual being lying dormant, not dead, within us. We have a sense of what it means to be in tune with the infinite, and life feels easy and flowing. This feeling of oneness is not an illusion; it is real. Only as we learn to affirm who we are do we move beyond ourselves.”

This reminds me of the saying that one has to love thyself before one can love others. We must recognize and value ourselves before we add value to the world. We must come to understand who we are as individuals before we can understand others and go beyond ourselves to contribute to a greater society. It’s amazing to discover that as we clear out the clutter from our minds, ridding ourselves of the garbage of destructive patterns of thought and behavior to rediscover who we are, we find that our spiritual self still lives deep within us. It may have lain dormant for a while, as Anne says, but it has always been there. Once awakened, the strength of our inner power grows quickly like a fire spreading in our souls. We become the best versions of ourselves we are meant to be.

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