June 28 – Wholeness

All water technically belongs to the sea. The sea is its home, and while it may evaporate and become rain or blow north with the wind and freeze into snow, it may fall and collect into puddles, lakes, streams, and snowdrifts, it eventually melts and flows back to the sea. Much like the water, we too must eventually return home. It has a natural pull for us. Our homes are not a physical place, however, but instead a spiritual one that lives deep within us. We may venture out into the world and wander, but eventually we come back to ourselves.

green plant with water droplets

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“We are all like water. We are off on a journey to return to ourselves. Some of our journeys have taken us far afield, and many of our days have been absorbed by the sandy river banks that contain us. Yet we continue to flow—heavy and swollen in the spring of our lives and often reduced to a trickle as we approach the fall of our years. ‘Return, return, return,’ we murmur, as we tumble over the stones in our paths, ever cognizant that although we may wander through new and strange lands, our destination is a return.”

This cycle of leaving to go out into the world and discover what else is out there, only to eventually return and come back to our origins is so natural. Upon closer examination, you can see it countless examples in nature, from plants, to animals, to the elements. We too are part of nature, and as such, we follow the same path on our journey through life. We explore, trying on different versions of ourselves to see what we like and dislike. I find that grow older, I am becoming closer to the person I was before, the person I have always been deep inside. I am rediscovering things I like that I enjoyed as a child. I am growing closer to the truth of who I am and uncovering my true nature in the process. This process of discovery, uncovering joys and pieces of my personality I haven’t thought of for years, is like coming home. It feels so right. I feel whole again.

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