June 27 – Action

When we think of taking action, we tend to think only of those big ticket accomplishments that really move the needle. What about the many small things we do every day to better the lives of those around us? Women are always taking action. We know how to get things done. It is often us who are responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly both at home and at work. We balance so many different tasks and roles, all without ever dropping a thing. How impressive! When something needs to get done, we find a way. Rarely do we shy from helping others.

mountain during golden hour

On the topic of action, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“If there is anything us ‘old broads’ know how to do, it is to get things done. We women are so practical. We have an uncanny ability to see what needs to be done, roll up our sleeves, and do it. We are rarely too proud, too prissy, or too elitist to do what needs to be done.

Sometimes we fail to see how important our practical everydayness is. We long for the great inspiration, the important recognition, or the big breakthrough. Yet all our lives are made up of common tasks that need to be done. When something is common and ordinary, we frequently fail to see its real importance. What we do is important, and we do it well. Failing to see that is a form of dishonesty. And we don’t want to be dishonest, do we?”

So often we look past the mundane everyday tasks we take on. They are ordinary, routine. They have become so habitual, so ingrained in our psyches, that we forget about them. We take them for granted. Yet, they are also integral to the proper functioning of our normal everyday lives. They make up not just a huge part of our lives, but a huge part of what we as women do as well! They most certainly count as taking action. We are always active as a result of them. To fail to recognize this is to do ourselves a great disservice. We must acknowledge and celebrate the action we take. Accomplishments big and small are worthy of our notice and praise! To ignore them or write them off is to be dishonest about all that we do.

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