June 26 – Living Life Fully

To live life fully means to be our truest selves, to share our unique gifts with the world and let our light shine. As women, we bring something special to the table. We have our own innate talents. We are nurturing and kind, strong and bold, meek and tempered. We tolerate pain and can endure. Some of us even bring life into the world. We are creators, innovators, scientists, and teachers. When we celebrate ourselves, reveling in who we are, we are living life to its fullest.

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On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“What a wonderful opportunity today is to celebrate ourselves as women! To celebrate ourselves does not mean that we put men down or do not like men. We are only celebrating ourselves and the unique contribution that women have made, are making, and can make.

All of us have gifts that are unique to us. No one else has quite the combination of gifts that each of us has to offer and many of those gifts are not in spite of being a woman, they are because we are women. Not to share the fullness of our woman gifts is a form of stinginess, and no one likes to be stingy.”

Feminism and the celebration of women often gets mistaken for hating on men, for tearing down their accomplishments, belittling or demeaning them. Yet this is not what feminism is about. Celebrating ourselves as women means we recognize and give praise for the advancements we have made in society. Women contribute a uniquely female perspective that helps further humanity. To live life fully is to embrace who we are and all that we have done, as well as all that we will do in the future. To celebrate ourselves and those around us. What is the point of gifts if not to share them with the world? Life should be one big celebration after all.

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