June 22 – Awareness of Process

Have you ever noticed that everything seems to happen either all at once or not at all? There are times of intense busyness in life and times of peace and calm. There is an ebb and flow to life much like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Both are natural occurrences. To be aware of these, to lean in to them even, is to be at one with the pace and process of life. To be in tune with the universe.

ocean wave

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“We workaholics, busyaholics, and rushaholics feel much more familiar with and comfortable with times when we hardly have time to breathe. We know how to function under pressure and with deadlines hovering over us. These times are when we shine.

Unfortunately, it is the time of calm and potential solitude after the project is finished that scares us. To be without a project or a deadline strikes terror because we have arranged our lives in such a way as to rarely have a ‘breather.’

If we take time to notice, this ebb and flow in life has a reason. We need breathers. Our bodies need to rest from our constant adrenaline push, or they blow up.

As we let ourselves get healthier, we begin to experience and treasure the ‘clusters’ of our lives and welcome them as examples of infinite wisdom.”

For us workaholics, periods of quiet and rest are unsettling. We are not comfortable with having nothing to do but rest and catch our breath. We are so used to running ourselves ragged, flitting from task to task, that when we stop we feel as if the world is ending. We need rest. To ignore this natural ebb and flow of life is to deny ourselves the time to slow down and recuperate, and in doing so, we inflict pain on our bodies and minds. We cannot function like this for long without suffering detrimental consequences to our health and sanity. Once we begin our journey toward recovery and healing, though, we learn to value our downtime. We see it for the restorative wonder it is. How amazing is life to be designed this way? To give us exactly what we need when we need it. It takes awareness to appreciate it.

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