June 21 – Beauty/Comparison

Beauty is accepting ourselves for exactly who we are. Have you ever met someone who embraces themselves fully and lets their true self shine? That person radiates joy. You can’t help but feel happy around them, because that kind of energy and positivity is contagious. Acceptance is beautiful because it spreads happiness.

Comparison, on the other hand, breeds fear, negativity, and mistrust. In measuring ourselves against others, we implicitly tell ourselves our worth is dependent on them. We can be robbed of our value as human beings at any time, because our worth is dependent on what we have in comparison to the people around us. Comparison implies we are not enough.

calm ocean

“How beautiful and how simple it is just to accept ourselves the way we are. Women, especially, have difficulty simply seeing the beauty in who we are. We are always comparing ourselves to others: no matter what we have or who we are, it never quite seems to be enough. We are always too much or too little, too fat or too skinny, too intelligent or not intelligent enough, too aggressive or not assertive enough. Whenever we compare ourselves to others, we lose.

The very act of comparison is part of the problem. Comparison is one of the processes of addiction. In that process, we leave ourselves and lose ourselves. There are other options.”

There will always be someone who has more than you, but there will also always be someone who has less. We tend to only focus on the ways in which we are not good enough when we compare ourselves. We are too much or not enough. It places our value and our worth in terms of other people, making us depend on external factors. When we derive our self worth from our circumstances, our possessions or appearances, when we compare ourselves to others, it only leads to doubt and unhappiness. When we accept ourselves fully and let our true personality and the person we are inside shine through, we feel beautiful inside and out. We share that beauty and happiness with those around us. There is pure joy and peace in just letting yourself be who you are, in not worrying how you compare to someone else. Each of us is individual and unique; no two people are alike. Our worth should be measured by our own standards and no one else’s.

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