June 15 – Confusion/Negativism

Today’s passage opens with a quote from Anne herself. She writes “Why is it when I don’t know what I want, there is always someone waiting to tell me what it is?” People often assume they know what’s best for us, but how can anyone know us better than we know ourselves? To know ourselves, though, we must be honest about what we want and what is right for us. When we are confused and unsure of ourselves, it becomes very easy for others to come in and try to tell us what to do. To control us.

body of water

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“I have heard so many women say, ‘I have a good marriage. My husband doesn’t beat me, he doesn’t gamble, and he doesn’t run around with other women.’ Or they say, ‘Well, my job isn’t boring, it keeps me busy and it pays the bills.’ Somehow, OK becomes the absence of awful. If something in our lives isn’t too destructive, it must be all right.

We get so confused about what we really want and what is really good for us. We are so accustomed to doing what is expected of us that we have lost our ability to determine what we want.”

We should never settle for less than what we deserve. Since when did “good enough” become enough? We only get one shot at this life, and we should all have the chance to find what makes us crazy, wildly, ridiculously happy to be alive each day. We should feel so incredibly blessed and blown away by our lives that we basically cry tears of joy each day we wake up.

Many of us are just getting by, hanging on to the thread of “good enough,” and why? Because we are made to believe we should feel grateful for even having a job to begin with? Because so many people have it worse than us? Because he or she is a nice enough person, and we should just be thankful we have anyone at all? I call bullshit. These are a few of the reasons I have used to justify staying in situations throughout my life that were good enough, but not great. That didn’t make me feel fulfilled or deeply and truly happy.

When people tell us that we should just be happy because things could be a lot worse, they do so because they are most likely unhappy with their life. It is a negative and sour outlook, and we shouldn’t buy into it. Getting by on good enough is a mediocre existence, and we all deserve better. Don’t be afraid to pursue the life of your dreams, because it’s out there.

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