June 13 – Living Life Fully/Curiosity

We often think of curiosity as primarily a childhood trait. When we are small, we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the world, but as we grow and learn to conform in school and work, that flame of curiosity gets extinguished just as creativity is stamped out of us. Part of living life fully is continuing to learn and grow. That takes a certain interest in our surroundings, a desire to learn, and a curiosity about the way the world works.

photo of green trees

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“As I look back over the significant teachers in my life, one of the characteristics that consistently stands out is their curiosity. We sometimes think that curiosity is reserved for youth and is only natural in young children.

Yet I am sure that if we think about the people we have known, those that we remember most vividly are those who remained incurably curious throughout their lives.

There is an intimate link between curiosity and aliveness. Curiosity appears to be in the gene bank of the human species. My curiosity is not dead, even though it may seem to have been slumbering for awhile.”

Our curiosity keeps us learning. It keeps us interested in the world around us, and in turn, makes us interesting to be around. People who are interested are interesting after all. There is so much the world has to offer. Why on earth would we ever turn our backs on that opportunity by assuming we know it all? When we are curious, we are eager to learn and know more. We are passionate about life, and we desire to know as much about the world around us as possible. We’re connected, and engaged, and alive. There is an undeniable vitality to those of us who stay curious for all of our lives.

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