June 10 – Satisfaction

Often when I take stock, I only look at what I haven’t done. It’s important that we acknowledge what we have done, as well as what we are working on in the current moment. Satisfaction is another word for contentment. It’s being happy with where we are currently at. It’s recognizing our current and past success.

beach calm clouds coast

On the topic of satisfaction, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

‘Satisfaction with one’s life is like being anointed with warm oil. It is so peaceful to read the words of someone who is content. Often we equate contentment and satisfaction with stagnation. They are anything but that! True satisfaction with one’s life is an acceptance of what is, continuing to prepare for what can be, while letting go of what we thought needed to be.

Satisfaction is an active place of quietude, as busy place of stillness. Satisfaction is a relief in living rarely felt by women who do too much. Satisfaction is the soul breathing a sigh of relief.”

Women who do too much are often driven more by what we haven’t yet accomplished than what we have. We tend to only focus on that which we have left to do. We’re always looking ahead to the next goal, the next milestone, where our paths are leading us. It is a rare moment that we look back and reflect on how far we have come. Satisfaction is so largely dependent on that ability to recognize and acknowledge how far we have come, though. Satisfaction is a quiet soul. It is the sigh of relief at the end of a job well done, as Anne so aptly says. If we fail to recognize we have done a good job, though, how can we possibly breathe that sigh of relief? We can’t. Satisfaction is a key ingredient to a happy, peaceful, content life.

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