June 8 – Creativity

Clutter acts like silt in a stream, blocking up the free flow of thoughts through our minds. Creativity is a flow, one that requires space and freedom to move around in order for it to happen naturally. The clutter of our houses and our minds distracts from our ability to be in the moment. It pulls us from our flow and dampens our creative process, stopping it up like a dam stops a river. We need to clear the clutter from our minds.

rock formation on river

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Clutter seems like a constant in our lives. Our houses are cluttered, our desks are cluttered, our minds are cluttered, and our lives are cluttered. This is the curse of women who do too much.

We can never find our creative selves unless we reduce some of the clutter in our lives. The mind must have the opportunity to flow freely if we are to be healthy.

We are such strong, powerful, beautiful, and intelligent women. The world needs what we have to offer.”

A healthy mind is one which has space to let in new thoughts and ideas. When we stuff our brains full of our worries, fears, doubts, and concerns, we allow no room for other good thoughts to enter. How can we be creative when our minds are stopped up? We must clear the junk out, remove the block, and let our thoughts flow freely once again. New thoughts have room to enter. Old thoughts have the ability to leave. The mind should be like a sieve, catching only that which is most valuable to keep. When we get healthy and begin our recovery, one of the things we must do is to clear out the clutter to let the light in. Make room for the new.

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