May 24 – Hopes and Dreams

Workaholics tend to struggle with hopes and dreams. We easily strive to achieve goals and arbitrary markers of success, but when it comes to seeing beyond the future to what possibilities lay ahead, that is much harder for us. We feel as though we are losing our sense of control when we enter into this territory of the unknown. That which we don’t know cannot be controlled. We’re also overly concerned with productivity and achievement, viewing hopes and dreams as frivolous and a waste of time. Far from being impractical, our hopes and dreams serve a valuable role in our lives. They give color and meaning to our world, and they hold a special place in our hearts because of it. To hope and dream is to strive for a better future, to seek to improve ourselves and the way we live.

photo of beach during dawn

On the topic of hopes and dreams, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Women who do too much have grown afraid to dream. We know how to lust—after power, after money, after security, after relationships—but we have forgotten how to dream.

Dreaming is not limited to the unreal. Dreaming is stretching the real beyond the limits of the present. Dreaming is not being bound by the merely possible. Dreaming is not safe for our illusion of control and it is infinitely safe for our soul.

When we deprive ourselves of our hopes and dreams, we relegate ourselves to keeping our eyes to the ground, carefully calculating every step, and missing the pictures in the clouds and the double rainbows.”

When we stop dreaming, our lives become a grind. Power, money, success, and security all are illusory. They’re social constructs, and they are temporary anyway. No one retains their power indefinitely. Once attained, it is a constant struggle to keep it. The value of the dollar changes daily. Success is fleeting, and security isn’t promised. What is the point of working so hard for these ends when they aren’t even guaranteed, and we miss out on the best parts of life in the process? We’re so focused on the practical that we deprive ourselves of the creativity, beauty, and fun that is daring to dream or risking to hope. Hopes and dreams push the boundary of what is possible to shape the future and things to come. It is the dreamers who make the world a better place. Why wouldn’t we be part of that?

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