May 20 – Being Present to the Moment

Good things come in small packages. This is true of opportunities as well as gifts. If we’re not paying close attention to our surroundings, it can be easy to miss those life-changing moments when they present themselves. They aren’t always obvious lightning strikes of inspiration. Instead, they can be quiet, subtle hints that are barely noticeable. We must not only be ready to answer the door when opportunity knocks, we must also be listening for the knock in the first place. When we are present in the moment, we are aware, we notice. We have our ears and eyes open to any opportunity, no matter how seemingly small, that may come our way.

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On the topic of being present to the moment, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Opportunities do not always come at the time or in the form we had hoped. Insead of blinding flashes of light, they are often still small voices that whisper to us in unexpected ways.

Our potential for greatness is linked with our ability to be present in the moment. Noticing may be one of the most important skills we have. When we are present to notice a small, obscure opportunity, we may discover that we have taken a major turn on the path of our life.”

Things never go according to plan, and rarely do things happen exactly the way we imagine or would like. Part of being present in the moment is accepting that. When we live in the moment and embrace life as it unfolds before us, we open ourselves up to all new possibilities. We are able to notice even the smallest opportunity before us, and often it is these smaller opportunities that can lead to the greatest change. Life is but a long series of small steps, after all. When I look back at my own life, for example, it’s amazing to see how saying yes to a seemingly small internship opportunity was the beginning of a greater change in my life that has led me to where I am today. That internship blossomed into a full blown career. We must first be present and open to receiving what the universe has to offer. We cannot close ourselves off from the moment, or we risk shutting the door on opportunity as well.

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