May 18 – One Day At A Time/Trust/Control

Living one day at a time requires us to trust and have faith. Control, or more specifically our desire for it, comes from a place of fear and lack. We believe we must control our lives because we don’t trust that they will turn out well for us otherwise. We fear that nothing good will happen to us if we don’t make it happen. This is not living one day at a time, but rather living in the future, thinking four steps ahead, and trying to manipulate what happens.

silhouette of man standing on grass field

On the topic of living one day at a time, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“How arrogant and ignorant of us to believe that we can do anything but live one day at a time! We are so deluded by our illusion of control that we really believe that we can control the future, make things happen the way we want and completely control our lives. When we do this, we cease living.

Living fully is living a life of faith. We do our footwork, make our plans, and then let go. Living fully is taking a leap of faith and, before our feet are squarely on the ground, leaping again. When we think we have things under control, we ‘begin to die a little.’”

I really like what Anne says here: When we believe we can control the future and make things happen the way we want, we cease living.” We aren’t living when we’re so focused on exerting control over the people and world around us. To live is to be present in the moment, to go with the flow, and to adapt as things around us happen and change. We respond to what happens to us. When we come from a lack of trust and a place of control, we aren’t responding to what’s happening. We’re trying to actively prevent or change what happens. We aren’t being present in the moment, but instead living in the future and trying to control what that future holds. Living is not being sure of what’s coming. Often in art we hear about artists who begin with one vision in mind and as they work, their vision changes and the piece transforms into something else. That is life. We adapt, we change, we respond to the circumstances around us. If we knew what was coming or could control it, what fun would that be? Part of the excitement and joy of life is surprises. It’s the unknown. It’s seeing what happens and how we change with the times. Have trust in the process.

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