May 8 – Being Present to the Moment

Those who are present are at peace. When we live in the present moment, we are not worried about the future or the past. Instead, we are present with ourselves and the world right now. We are living and experiencing. We are doing. We are witnessing things as they unfold. When we try to exert control over chaos by putting it in order, we create tension. Rigidity causes strife. But being present gives order to our lives that is serene. Blissful. We experience the world as it is rather than what we try to make it.

body of water across sunset

On the topic of being present, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Whew! Isn’t it a relief to know that there are people in the world who are so present to the moment that when they enter a chaotic atmosphere they create calm? This calm is not born of control or manipulation. This calm is born of presence.

Only a person who is present to herself carries a feeling of serenity with her. As we work the Twelve-Step Program, we begin to experience this kind of serenity for ourselves.”

People who are present bring this calm, this sense of peace and serenity, with them wherever they go. Others can’t help but feel it too when they are near. Being present in the moment is merely being mindful. When we are present, we observe. We wait and watch and see. We witness events as they unfold without overthinking them or concerning ourselves too much with how they play out. When we are present, we are in tune with our minds and bodies. We are better able to sense our emotions and thoughts. We can listen to our intuition in the calm and stillness that settles in. Being present in the moment makes us not only calmer, but also happier and more relaxed. The benefits are many of this practice of mindfulness. It is called a practice because it takes practice. It is something we must work at each day. With time, it becomes easier. Shouldn’t we all aim to practice mindfulness each day?

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