April 28 – Beauty

How often do we stop in our everyday lives to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us? For beauty is, indeed, all around. There is beauty in the flowers that bloom and the sun that shines, of course, but there is also beauty in the fresh blanket of new fallen snow or the softly pattering rain against the window pane. In the smell of freshly cut grass or brewed coffee. In the sound of the breeze blowing. It’s not often enough that we take the time to appreciate the world in which we live. Nature is resplendent.

green rice field

On the topic of beauty, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“How long has it been since we have allowed ourselves to rejoice in a beautiful day? How long has it been since we allowed ourselves to notice that it even is a beautiful day?

Those of us who live and work in cities have given ourselves obstacles that challenge us to have to work a little harder even to notice what kind of day it is.

For women who do too much, the beautiful day may be noteworthy only in the absence of hassle that rain or snow might present. A beautiful day, then, only becomes the vehicle to get more done. There are other options.”

There is so much splendor to behold in the natural world, and so often we rush right by it without ever pausing to take it all in. We are so focused on the minutiae of our daily lives—the tasks at hand, the errands still to check off our lists, the goals we have yet to accomplish—that we fail to notice the world around us. It is an amazing world. There is nothing like the restorative power of nature and simply being present in the moment. To appreciate the little things in life is to live. We find contentment when we observe the beauty around us. It makes us a little more grateful for that which we have. We learn to appreciate more. We also slow down when we take the time to observe. We live in the moment. It is a great thing to recognize the beauty around us, because life is truly beautiful in a million little ordinary everyday ways.

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