April 19 – Rushing and Hurrying

Occasionally we wish that some outside force would intervene and stop us from all this rushing around. We feel powerless and out of control. We know that living this way—always in a rush, hurrying from one chore to the next—is depleting our energy and making us miserable, but we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to stop.  The fight to regain control over our lives is one that takes all our effort and energy. What a relief it is to admit that we can’t do this alone! That we are powerless and in need of help from a higher power.

timelapse photography of falls near trees

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Sometimes we really do feel powerless over our need to rush around and keep busy, and we just wish there were some way to stop ourselves. Our life truly feels overwhelming and unmanageable.
We are amazed at how relieved we feel when we can actually admit that we are powerless over this crazy behavior and our lives just are not working the way we would like them to work.
We are powerful women, and we are powerless over our crazy lives.
What a consolation it is to know that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. What a relief it is to know that our admission that our lives are insane right now opens the door to sanity.
What a relief it is to sigh and know that, as we turn our lives and wills over to that power greater than ourselves, we have the path to renewed sanity before us.”

So often I rush myself hurriedly from one activity to another, believing that if I can just get everything done, then I can finally relax! The problem with this is that there is always more to do, and when there’s not, I will find something else to do. I have become addicted to the thrill of rushing and the stress of staying busy. The thing about being always on is that you don’t give yourself time to let your batteries recharge. How will you ever have any energy to take on the world? Living this way takes a toll on your mind, body, and especially your spirit.

When we know we should be living differently, yet we continuously fail to make different choices, that is when we know we must admit our powerlessness and turn things over to a higher power. Let go and let God, as so many inspirational quotes say. We must look within and find that deeper source of energy that is in us all. I believe each person has their highest self within them. That person is calling us forward and leading us toward the people we are meant to be. So often we tune them out, drown them out, numb ourselves to their power and voice with any number of addictive behaviors. But if we get very quiet and listen, we can hear them. They are willing to lend us their energy to make those changes that are beyond our reach, to help us to become our greater selves. There is relief and release in letting go and asking for help.

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