April 13 – Adrenaline/Busyness

Staying busy gives us a constant rush of adrenaline. The thing about adrenaline, though, is that it puts us in a state of fight or flight. When we are constantly in this state, we begin to feel run down. It wears on us. We forget what it is like to feel content. We confuse the calm and peace of contentment with numbness. We become addicted to the adrenaline rush of perpetual busyness.

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On the topic of adrenaline and busyness, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Ah, that adrenaline rush! How we love it! We are so accustomed to dealing with crisis that we get nervous when things get calm.

Many women who are recovering from workaholism and doing too much are beginning to recognize that they have become addicted to their own adrenaline rush. We used to get a ‘buzz’ with the excitement of a new project or an impending deadline. We functioned best under pressure (or so we believed). We got nervous and tense when our lives became too quiet. We needed the emotional arousal. We needed our fix.

Fortunately, we began to see that our adrenaline rushes were exhausting our bodies and our beings. Our addiction to our own adrenaline was as destructive to our bodies as drugs or alcohol. Recovery from adrenaline addiction has been a slow, painful process. Yet, we have the hope of a new life and the possibility of living it in a healthy body.”

Adrenaline is released by a condition of stress. When we become addicted to adrenaline, we aim to preserve that rush by remaining in a constant state of stress. We confuse the stress for excitement and the rush of adrenaline for pleasure, but we are really conditioning our bodies to live under constant duress in detrimental conditions. No wonder our minds and bodies begin to break down as a result! It is tiresome and harmful to live in a state of perpetual stress. It is not healthy. Healing is a long difficult road to walk down, but slowly with time we become accustomed to feeling neutral. We begin to recognize the feeling of nothingness for the peace of mind and contentment that is it is. We become whole again.

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