April 9 – Belief/Greater Power Step Two

It takes faith to recover from the insanity of our workaholism. We must believe we can overcome and heal to restore ourselves to sanity once more. It takes belief not only in our ourselves, but in a higher power. We alone are not strong enough to triumph over our addictions, but within us there lies a power that is greater than ourselves on which we can lean. We can tap into that strength and power, but only if we believe.

photo of lake during sunseet

On today’s topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Step Two of the Twelve-Step program states that we ‘came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.’ That’s a tough one.

As we have climbed the ladder of success, we have discovered that one of the subtle requirements is the development of a certain sophisticated, scientific cynicism. We no longer want to appear or be innocent, and we believe that the only other choice is to become cynical and ‘scientific.’ Thank goodness we have the option of leaving both our innocent gullibility and our cynical sophistication behind. We can let ourselves believe that all things are possible . . . not controllable—possible.”

As we grow older, a certain cynicism starts to creep in. Belief that all things are possible comes to be regarded as blindly optimistic, unrealistic, and naive. Success among those in the business world seems contingent on developing a cold, calculated methodology that leaves no room for innocent wonderings or the magic of hope. Skepticism runs rampant. People seem to have forgotten what it is to feel or believe without hard scientific proof, facts and figures to back them up. The business world is about control, or so we come to believe. We lose touch with our belief in ourselves, our belief in a higher power, and most of all our belief that in that power, all things are possible. We can’t control everything. But anything could happen. Sometimes we must trust our instincts. Sometimes we simply know things without knowing why or how. They just are. Such is the power of belief.

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