April 5 – Connectedness

Our life is a series of connections. If you’re familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation, then you already know this, but I am talking about the more meaningful connections of our past that lead us to our present. Take my life for example. I hold the position I do today at work because of connections I made in my previous role, which I obtained because of experience I got through an internship that I learned of through connections I made at my job in a restaurant, which itself I learned of through connections to a friend. The thread can be traced back even farther still, and it all hinges on tiny moments throughout my life that steered my course. A similar story can be said of how I met my husband.

Each of us can trace our present back through our past to all the tiny yet monumental little moments that lead us to where we are today. Each of us too is connected to the higher power of the universe, who in fact brings these connections into our lives. It’s up to us whether we listen and follow through on them or not.

trees under blue and orange night sky

On the topic of connectedness, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Each of us has magical moments in our lives when we become aware of the oneness of all things. When that happens, we see the ‘motions and patterns and connections.’ A feeling of warmth permeates our being and we heave a sigh of heartfelt relief. We can know the unknowable. We know the unknowable.

Yet when we try to share these experiences, we find ourselves inarticulate. In our feeble attempts to describe them, words seem like balls of cotton growing larger and larger as we try to push them out of our mouths. Often, in talking about such an experience, we lose our connection with the experience itself.

I will trust these profound pauses. And I know that I cannot have them unless I pause.”

There is a power beyond ourselves that is far greater than anything we know. It is indeed beyond the reaches of our comprehension. If we sit very still and get very quiet though we can often sense it and even begin to understand it in our own way. When we rush around constantly, flitting from one activity to another, without ever giving ourselves time to pause and breathe, we miss it. We lose touch with the greater power that is all around us. We become too focused on the minutiae of our individual lives. For those who do settle down and allow the understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe to float over them like a soft cloak, the feeling is indescribable. When we try to explain this sensation to others, as with any great feeling that is beyond us such as love, words often fail. Words separate us further from the connection we’ve made, as Anne says above. Some things are merely beyond words. Some things are too great to express adequately. We need only sit in silence and enjoy them.

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