April 2 – Living Life Fully

Today’s passage opens with a quote from Grace Hansen: “Don’t be afraid your life will end: be afraid that it will never begin.” Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. So many people spend their lives living in fear, and as a result, miss out on countless experiences. We deny ourselves the opportunity to be happy when we do this. We deserve to embrace life and live it to its fullest.

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On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“So often our focus upon death and the possibility of dying is an escape from our real fear . . . that of living our lives.

We have become comfortable with a way of life that is actually a slow death. Our constant working, busyness, taking care of others, and rushing around relieves us of the responsibility of being fully alive and kills us slowly, and in a socially acceptable way to boot. What more could we ask from an addiction?

Why are we so afraid of living our lives? What would our lives be like if we decided to show up for them and live them? Why is it so frightening to anticipate feeling our feelings and being present to each moment?”

Why are we so afraid? Just what exactly are we scared of? The pain of rejection is far less than that of regret. Isn’t it better to die having really lived than to live never having really experienced anything? It’s true our feelings can be terrifying to face. It is scary to admit how we feel when we risk failure, rejection, or loss. Failure is not permanent, however. Rejection is at least an answer. Regret for words unspoken or actions not taken—that stays with us forever. How amazing would it feel to be honest with ourselves and other people? To go out on a limb and try something we’ve been dying to do? We only get one chance to live our lives. How sad that we squander it living in fear. Life is meant for us to take chances. We should see and do and try as much as possible in this world during our short time on it. Anything less than that is just a waste.

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