April 1 – Gifts

Gifts can easily be taken for granted if one knows not where to look for them. We must stop to appreciate the little things in life, as one kind reader so aptly reminded me. There are gifts to be found in every corner of life. Even the mundane and everyday moments have something special to offer us if we are open to receiving them.

light nature sky sunset

On the topic of gifts, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“One of the gifts of life is the changing of the weather and the seasons. As we relinquish our illusions of control, we realize that each change of the weather and each season of the year have many gifts in store for us, if we participate in them and live with them. When we fight and struggle against the weather and the seasons, we dissipate the energy that could be used for enjoyment.

April does seem to enter like an idiot sometimes . . . a playful, energetic, sparkling idiot that brings in riots . . . riots of flowers. Summer gives us longer days to enjoy and a time for laziness, if we accept the offers of summer. Fall gathers in, and winter cozies in. In living with the seasons, we receive many gifts.”

Seasons and changing weather have their benefits to offer. For a time, I took them for granted and indeed even fought against them. I chose to live in denial of the cold native to my home state for most of the year. I refused to dress for the weather and would instead pretend that winters didn’t exist. Fall and spring were cold and rainy transitions in between the only time of year that existed for me, which were the long hot sun-drenched days of summer. Once I started dressing for the weather though, I began to remember the joys that each season brought to my life when I was younger, and how my mom and I would mark the passing of each season. Fall brings crisp autumn air that smells of leaves, the taste of apple cider, the bright goldenrod yellows and burnt sienna reds of the changing leaves. Winter brings the magic and pristineness of a crisp, new fallen snow that sparkles in the moonlight and casts the hush of a soft blanket over the world. Winter is the twinkling lights, smell of pine, and cozy knit fabrics of nights by the fireside. Spring brings the thaw after a long, cold winter. Fresh rain renews the earth, priming it for flowers to grow. Grass turns green and the sun finally graces the sky after a deep hibernation. The gray rainy days are perfect for snuggling up with a book in our pajamas. Summer, I mean… I don’t really need to wax poetic about that do I? Summer is long golden days in the hot sun. Sand between your toes. Cool water lapping against the side of a boat or dock. Droplets of water perspiring on the side of an ice-cold beverage. Life has so many gifts to offer. We need only open our eyes and look for them.

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