March 30 – Becoming

We are in a constant state of becoming. We grow and evolve with every new experience life throws our way, provided we are open to receiving life’s lessons. There is nothing wrong with who we are today, but there is within all of us always the potential to become more.

top view photo of person surfing

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“There’s nothing wrong with being a clay pot. It’s just that all of us have the possibility of becoming porcelain. And it isn’t quite so simple as just being fired or not being fired. Some of us explode in the kiln. Some of us collapse before we ever reach the kiln, and some of us develop horrible cracks that seriously threaten our utilitarian value.

Yet probably the saddest response is to have gone through the firing and to refuse to become porcelain. All of us have furnaces in our lives. Not all of us glean the lessons from the firing.”

Every life contains trials and tribulations. We all have challenges we must face, hardships we must endure, and we each respond to these differently. Some of us crumble under the weight of pressure too great. Some of us are damaged to the point that our relationship with the world around us is forever altered. And yet others somehow manage to come out the other side a stronger person for it. Some people fail to learn though. Whether from outright refusal or sheer ignorance, they simply refuse to change. I agree with Anne that this is the saddest response one can have. Life is all about change.

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