March 29 – Passion

Passion is an intense emotion that drives us to action. When we are passionate about something, we are deeply consumed by overwhelming affection and desire. There is a fine line between passion and workaholism though. It’s easy to confuse the intense drive of passion with the compulsion of the workaholic.

scenic photo of lake near mountains

“Many competent women have a difficult time distinguishing between passion and workaholism. When we hear the emerging concern about the lethal effects of compulsive working, we almost always ask ourselves (or justify to ourselves): ‘But what about being passionate about my work? Are you saying that to be passionate about my work is to be a workaholic? I don’t want to give up my work.’

Many of our role models for success are people who were willing to be devoured by their work. This is confusing to us.

True passion and doing what is important for us to do does not require us to destroy ourselves in the process. In fact, it is when passion gets distorted to compulsivity that it is destructive.”

There’s nothing wrong with loving our work and embracing our drive to succeed. When it starts to interfere with our lives though, it becomes destructive. When we put work above our own care and self-compassion, when we neglect not only ourselves but our family, friends, hobbies… then work is a problem. Taking time to separate ourselves from our work to focus on other pursuits such as fun, relaxation and creativity makes us better at our jobs. It gives us space to rejuvenate and heal, so we can come back to work with renewed focus and energy. Burn out is real. Doing anything compulsively harms you. Even something about which you are passionate.

5 thoughts on “March 29 – Passion

  1. Hello there, Amy. I’ve read your Post here about being a workaholic. This is something that I’ve never done during my working career. I never really loved the Trade that I was in for just over 30 yrs. Being a Machinist can make your nerve’s bad, as it did for me. I retired out of the Trade because of just that. I don’t think you could be a workaholic doing this kind of Trade. Just what kind of work do you do?

    Now, that I’m retired, I don’t really have anything that I have a total passion about. Photography is something that I do enjoy doing, but not enough to get crazy over it. Going to Historic places I also enjoy doing, but don’t have a real passion for it. Not sure if I have a real passion for anything. I just enjoy.

    Be Well, Amy. Take time to enjoy small things. Try not to let the world pass you by.

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    1. Hi Les,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I have heard being a machinist can take quite a toll on you. I work in marketing for a PLM software company in a primarily communications based role, so much of my job is social media and blogging which I enjoy doing anyway. I am very fortunate in that respect.

      It’s great that you have interests you find enjoyment in, and you can pursue them now that you’re retired. I’ve looked through your blog and your photography captures interesting perspectives.

      That is great advice. I’m working on taking time to enjoy the small moments 🙂

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