March 24 – Gratitude

Today’s meditation starts with a quote that is necessary to understanding the meditation’s full meaning. Zora Neale Hurston said, “You love like a coward. Don’t take no steps at all. Just stand around and hope for things to happen outright. Unthankful and unknowing like a hog under an acorn tree. Eating and grunting with your ears hanging over your eyes, and never even looking up to see where the acorns are coming from.”

Life so often bestows upon us good fortune that it becomes easy to take things for granted.  It’s important that we remember to be grateful and express that gratitude often.  While the universe is one of loving abundance and generosity, we cannot be so arrogant as to make demands and sit idly by waiting for it to give us what we want.  We must take steps toward achieving our goals, put the work in, and be grateful when the universe presents us with opportunity.

scenic view of mountains during dawn

On the topic of gratitude, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“So often we go through life like hogs. We root around and munch on the goodies around us without ever once acknowledging where they come from or that we are receiving them as gifts.

The process of the universe is so generous with us that we take too much for granted. We love like cowards. We expect everyone and everything around us to take risks, while we take. We become so arrogant that we convince ourselves that everything that we have is a gift from us to us. We don’t stop to see that we couldn’t be munching those tasty acorns unless there were some celestial oak tree dropping them.”

The universe is generous. It is full of love and abundance, and it wants to share those gifts with us. So many people, afraid of seeming silly or irrational or perhaps simply having been hurt too many times to trust, reject spirituality and never tap in to the higher power of the universe. Even those who embrace that side of ourselves occasionally lose touch with our spirituality. We blindly take the universe’s gifts for granted, assuming that because we have put in effort and worked for them, the gifts are ones we have earned entirely ourselves. We forget that the universe co-creates with us. We can manifest anything we want if we are clear on what it is, we ask for it, and we put in the work to make it happen. The universe will meet us halfway. Part of the process though is gratitude. No one likes to keep giving to a person who selfishly takes all the time without being grateful for that which is given. The universe loves us and wants us to be happy, and it appreciates a little gratitude in return for its efforts.  Be thankful for the many gifts that life bestows upon us. Look around once in a while to appreciate where your gifts are coming from.

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