March 18 – Awareness

Awareness is the ability to know and perceive, to feel, and to be cognizant. To be aware is to be conscious. So many of us go through life without ever being fully present to the situation at hand or what is driving our decisions and motivating our behavior. It is good to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings, because then we can make better choices, or at the very least, more informed ones.

green mountain near river under cloudy sky during daytime

On the topic of awareness, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Each of us has more brainpower than we ever use. We have so overdeveloped the logical/rational/linear parts of our brains that we frequently have left underdeveloped our awareness, intuition, and creativity. We sometimes even forget that awareness, intuition, and creativity are brain functions. Yet, even without being valued and exercised, these aspects of our selves remain faithful and do not leave us. Whenever we open ourselves to our intuition, it is always there. It is important that we remember to go back inside to connect with our intuition. Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster.”

Awareness, intuition and creativity are wonderful tools we have at our disposal that we so often neglect in favor of more rational pursuits. They’re always there though, lying dormant in wait for us to rekindle them. In my experience, creativity and intuition are like a muscle: The more you use them, the stronger they become. They never fully go away though. You can always begin to build them back up from a weak state. We don’t give enough credit to our intuitive side—perhaps because so many of us are unaware of it. Feeling and perceiving are just as much a part of how we understand the world and take in information as thinking though/ We should embrace our creative feeling side more often. Our awareness helps us to see things as they really are. These are gifts that add so much to our lives when we utilize them to their full potential. We need only to seek them.

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