March 14 – Anger

Anger can be all consuming. It can feel like a bottomless rage, an endless pit of fury from which we will never climb. Eventually though we all do manage to scrape our way out from the bottom. If we bottle our anger in, hold on to it or try to bury it, we only make it worse. Like any of our feelings, anger must be healthily expressed. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Anger is simply a part of living under the normal stresses and pressures of everyday life. Even innocent little children get angry.

beautiful clouds country dark

“How many of us know that fury that rises like a thermometer within us until our vocal chords quiver and our eyes turn a bright red and then glaze over? Young children and animals always know to scatter at times like these.

Some of us roll up the windows and scream in our cars on the highways. Some of us wait until no one is around and scream into our pillows. Some of just scream. Most of us have thought we were crazy at these times. We’re not. We are just alive and responding to our stressful lives.”

How true this is. Whenever I go into a blind fury, my cat is the first to run away and hide. I am a highway screamer. On my way home from work during especially trying times, I will scream and scream. It’s a great way to tire yourself out by letting all the rage out. Afterwards, if you’re anything like me, you feel clean and whole. The process of letting your anger out is cleansing. Much the same can be said for having a good cry actually.

We should never take our anger out on others or respond out of anger. It’s a battle, but we should always strive to hold our tongues when we are angry. Words have the power to wound deeply, and we can never take them back once they are said. When are alone, however, we can let all that rage out without causing harm to ourselves or others. It heals our soul to get it out, for anger, like hate, is a poison if we keep it in. Though it may not feel that way, we are not crazy; we’re just stressed out. It’s a normal part of living. Anger is a healthy part of being human. We must embrace all aspects of being human including our negative emotions, and that means our anger too.

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