March 13 – Spiritual Life

Humans are spiritual beings, even though we often deny it to ourselves. Spirituality is an important part of our existence though. It impacts our everyday life whether we consciously think about it or not (and more often the case is not). Even if you are not a strictly religious person in the traditional sense, you are still more than your physical body. Our spirit is that nonphysical entity within us from which our emotions and character stem. The spiritual realm is always at play as we maneuver through life. If we tune into that spirituality, we can allow it to inform our existence.

afterglow avian backlit birds

On the topic of spiritual life, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“So often we try to compartmentalize our spirituality and therefore (hopefully) keep it under control. Our spirituality is much more all-encompassing than many of us care to admit. Everything we do flows from ourselves as spiritual beings. When we make decisions, our spirituality is there. When we interact at work, our spirituality is there. When we wash the dishes, our spirituality is there. So often we have tried to remove our spiritual selves from our daily selves because we equated spirituality with saintliness, and we did not always want saintliness interfering with our daily lives. It is only when we recognize that all that we do is spiritual, that we can let our spirituality inform our humanity.”

Much like our emotions and feelings, spirituality has a reputation as being frivolous, irrational, even crazy. We’re taught to keep it separate from our dealings in life and in business. We are told to suppress it and hide it, to the point where we push it down so far deep inside us that we forget it’s even there. We associate spirituality with piousness and religion, with being a saint. The actual definition of spirituality thought is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Now, doesn’t that sound good? Doesn’t that seem like a quality we should strive to attain? No wonder society teaches us to suppress this quality in ourselves though! Everything in society is aimed to get us to consume, to buy, and that requires a fixation on material and physical objects. We could all do with spending a little more time on our spirits, particularly lifting them and healing them. Focusing on our spirituality is focusing on ourselves. It is a practice rooted in self-care and self-love. Take time to get reacquainted with your spiritual side today.

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