March 12 – Acceptance/Mistakes/Amends

Admitting when we are wrong is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and others. We should strive to live our best lives, and that includes being honest when we have made mistakes and doing what we can whenever possible to right them. We should always aim to do right by others including ourselves. To accept our mistakes, admit them to ourselves and others, and make amends for them is the opposite of beating ourselves up for them. It is a healing process for all parties involved.

photo lavender flower field under pink sky

On the topic of acceptance, mistakes and amends, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

One of the ways that I can reclaim my power and my person is to admit my mistakes. Sometimes it is helpful to sit down and make a list of people that I have wronged (including myself) and to make amends to those with whom it is possible and where it would not harm them to do so.

What a clean feeling it is to accept and own my life and not beat myself up for the mistakes I have made! How good it feels to let those I have harmed know that I am aware of what I have done and that I genuinely wish to own and change my behavior, and do what I can to live clearer and cleaner in the future.

Admitting our mistakes and making amends are powerful tools for reclaiming ourselves.”

When we accept and admit our mistakes, we reclaim our power. We don’t deny who we truly are by pretending we are perfect. We don’t hide our shame and guilt about our faults by putting up a front. Rather than build barriers between ourselves and other people by pretending we do no wrong, we draw others closer when we admit we are wrong and make amends. There is not a single person who has never done harm to themselves or others. To pretend otherwise is to deny the nature of humanity as well as our own lives and choices. As long as we genuinely try to do right by others, to live a good life and make better choices going forward, who can hold our mistakes against us? Everyone makes mistakes. Few are brave enough to face them and be honest about who they are. Own your choices. You’re the one who made them after all.

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