March 9 – Self-Esteem/Higher Power

There is a power within us that is greater than we even know. When we tap into that reserve, we are usually pleasantly surprised to discover the range of our own capabilities. It’s easy for others to make assumptions about what we are capable of based on appearances, but it’s important to remember that appearances can be deceiving. Self-esteem gives us the ability to harness our power. When we believe in ourselves, no one and nothing can hold us back. We are a force to be reckoned with. Where does that strength come from? A higher power. The universe. It is within all of us if we look deep enough.

clouds dawn desert landscape

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“In some surprising way, Mount Saint Helens proved to be an important symbol for all of us. She reminded us of powers that are unseen and uncontrolled. She reminded us that there are forces on this planet and in this universe over which we have no control. We not only had no control over her eruptions, we could not even predict what she was going to do next, even though we applied our best scientific technology and kept her under constant surveillance. She demonstrated to our technocratic society that nature (often identified as female, especially when she’s ‘bad’) could not be controlled.

Although none of us wants destruction to occur or lives to be lost, we do need occasionally to be reminded we are not in charge.”

There are some things which are simply beyond our control. Many things, in fact. The responses and behaviors of others are one of these. Often, people assume they can control others, or at least know what to expect of them. They have particular notions about how someone (especially women) should behave. Then when a person acts contrary to their expectations or does something of which they don’t approve, they get angry. It happens to us all! It’s a good reminder though that we cannot control everything. People should occasionally be reminded of our own power, our will to act in whatever way we see fit. Humans are complex creatures. We are full of many seemingly contradictory qualities. A woman can stew quietly in her anger or burst into explosive rage. A woman can be soft, gentle and loving, yet also strong, fierce, and independent. It all depends on what the situation at hand calls for. One thing is for sure though: There is no limit to what we are capable of when we believe in ourselves.

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