March 8 – Self-Affirmation

Self-affirmation is when our inner dialogue is positive about ourselves. When we think well of ourselves, when we avoid putting ourselves down or beating ourselves up, we build self-esteem and confidence, and we learn to appreciate who we are as individuals. We embrace ourselves for who we are. We learn to love ourselves as we are. This in turn brings us closer to God and the world around us.

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On the topic of self-affirmation, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“What better place to find God than within ourselves! It is only when we really know ourselves and affirm ourselves for who we are that we become aware of the divinity that we share with all things. We are part of the hologram . . . we are the hologram. When we estrange ourselves from ourselves, we also then lose contact with that which is beyond ourselves.

To know ‘God’ and to love her fiercely is to love ourselves. Loving this God is not loving the self-centered ‘God’ of addiction. It is loving the God that is one, that is within us, and beyond us. It is loving God as we understand God.”  

We cannot feel at one with the universe if we are not at peace with ourselves. We can’t appreciate our place in the world if we can’t first appreciate ourselves. By learning to love ourselves for who we are, through the act of self-affirmation we become whole. We are able to connect with all that which is beyond us. Self-affirmation is far from pride, vanity, and conceit. The act of self-affirmation is not immodest pride. It is to accept ourselves, flaws and all. It is to acknowledge our faults and imperfections and love ourselves, not despite them, but because of them. Because they make us who we are, a truly wonderful and unique individual. Love thyself. You deserve it.

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