March 1 – In Touch with Process Greater Power

Life is a process, as is our own individual growth. Both unfold over time moment by moment, happening in stages that cannot be rushed along. When we attempt to control our lives, we disrupt the natural rhythm of things and halt our own progress. We come out of sync with the universe, and in this way, we lose touch with the higher power at its core.

astronomy comet constellation cosmos

On this topic, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Living in process is living our process and being one with the process of the universe. Our additive disease removes us from our connection with the living process. Our disease alienates us from our spirituality and our faith and tells us we aren’t safe, we have to control, and we must try to assure security by making ourselves, our lives, and even the universe static.

We put so much effort into trying to make our universe static that we have not developed the capacity to be in tune with events. As we learn to tune in and participate, we find that living our process is so much easier than trying to make the universe static.”

To remain static, stagnant, and unchanging gives us a false sense of security. In our disease, we believe we are not safe and that if we can just keep things from changing, we will be safe because we will always know what to expect. We will always be prepared and equipped to handle what happens to us with grace and ease. The state of being static goes against the very nature of the universe and time itself however. We lose touch with the world around us, because we are no longer in sync with its rhythms. We are fighting against the natural current instead of going with the flow. It’s a tired metaphor but imagine life as a river that flows endlessly on. Now picture yourself trying to stand still in this river. You will have to fight to hold yourself back against a strong current that pushes on around you. It will take so much effort and energy, you will barely have any attention left over to pay to your surroundings. If you were to let go instead and simply float along with the current of the river, think of how much easier that would be. You could think about yourself, your state of mind and how you feel; you could observe the world around you and your place in it. You would have the energy and mental capacity for far more than if you were still fighting the current to remain still in one place. You would see far more beauty in the world as well. This is the difference that living your process makes.

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