February 26 – Nurturing Oneself

Nurturing oneself requires one to know truly know oneself in a given moment. To know what feeds our soul, makes us tick, fills our cup up. It also takes the presence of mind to rest when rest is needed, to be able to put aside the task at hand and focus on ourselves. To dedicate time to care for ourselves, to nourish our beings and promote our own development. It is an art that is necessary to our survival, and indeed goes beyond survival to our contentment and happiness.

alpine alps autumn beautiful

“The art of nurturing oneself is not something that is taught in most high schools or even in a good MBA course. In fact, the art of nurturing oneself is rarely taught in families either.

Yet, in this high-tech, high information society, learning how to nurture oneself is absolutely essential for survival.  Some good workaholics have found that if they do a cursory job of nurturing themselves, they can work even harder. Unfortunately, that isn’t nurturing oneself, that’s protecting one’s supply.

Nurturing oneself is allowing ourselves to stop, and in that stopping to allow ourselves to know what would be nurturing for us in that time and space, and doing it.”

If we don’t dedicate the time to caring for and developing ourselves, who will? No one cares about you as much as you should, not even those people who love you, if we’re being honest. You must be your own best friend and parent, and sometimes those two positions will be at odds with each other. The parent in you is the side that nurtures you most, perhaps, because it is the parent who tells you to do what is best for you even when the answer may not be very fun. To nurture is to care for, to develop, to spur to growth. You must take time to nurture yourself for your own well-being and that of the world. If you work on developing yourself, you will find yourself to be a better person for others as well. Any time spent on ourselves should be seen as a worthwhile effort, not an act in selfishness. What so many people get wrong about selfishness is that they overlook the fact that it requires a lack of consideration for others, a focus only on one’s own personal gains. When you nurture yourself, you are better able to nurture and care for others as well. You make yourself into the best version of yourself, and that in turn makes the world a better place.

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