February 25 – Pain

Pain, like so many of life’s negative experiences, serves a higher purpose. Pain makes us stronger. It is a necessary part of life, and no one can have truly lived without feeling pain. Pain can serve as an indicator for something is wrong, when a change is needed in our lives. It can also serve as a reminder of that which we loved and have lost.

close up photo of pink petaled flowers

On the topic of pain, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Our pain is ours. Some of it we have earned, the rest not, and it is still ours. When we fight our pain, we fight the experience of our humanness, and we lose ourselves in the process. A life without pain is a life of nonliving. Our pain lets us know and come to understand the full meaning of being human. If we fight the normal experience of our pain, we lose the possibility of experiencing the process of its rusting ‘into beauty too.’

We don’t need to seek pain, but when it is inevitably there, we have the possibility of something new entering our lives.”

To be human is to feel pain. We learn and grow from the pains we experience in life, and in that way, it is a beautiful part of living. To numb ourselves to our pain is to miss out on an important part of life and growth; it stunts us. When ignored, pain comes back in force much stronger later. There is no escaping it if we are to truly live. The beauty in pain lies in healing from it, in moving on and becoming stronger as a result of that which we experienced. There is beauty in the pain of missing a loved one, for our pain is a symbol of the greatness of our love. Pain is simply a part of life, nothing to be feared. Indeed, it should be embraced as an indicator of the depth of our emotions and a catalyst for our growth and change.

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