February 17 – Awareness of Process/Control/Creativity

A process unfolds, occurring naturally over time. Indeed a process flows with the current of time. Process allows one flexibility to adapt and respond to changes as they arise. Control, on the other hand, is inflexible. It is beating against the natural current in an attempt to enact power over that which is beyond our control. Creativity is a process in that it flows from us naturally. Creativity takes time; it cannot be rushed or forced. In the same vein, control stifles creativity with its restrictive nature. Creativity requires room to breathe.

body of water across sunset

On the topic of process and creativity, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“When we choose to live our lives in a process way, we choose to be open to all that life has to offer. Our illusion of control has often filtered out new insights and encounters. We have been so focused upon our goals and the way things have to happen, that we have missed the succulent serendipity of chance awareness. We have been so afraid of losing our illusion of control that we have missed some of the richest encounters that life was offering us.

When we can participate fully in the process of our lives, we discover new forms of our creative self. Creativity has many avenues. Just living our lives can cultivate our conscious creativity.”

One thing about trying to control your life is that you are wont to embrace new opportunities that come your way. Some people hold so tightly to their illusion of control. They live by the mantra “Everything must go according to plan,” and when something comes up that isn’t in their plan, they turn away from it and decline to participate. You miss out on so many amazing things when you are too rigid. Some of the best chances we have in life come up unexpectedly. Indeed some of the best times I’ve had in life, some of my most treasured memories, came from moments that were spontaneous. Chance and fortune cannot be controlled or planned for; they simply happen to us at different times. We must be open to embracing them lest we miss out.

When you let go of the fight for control, you free your mind and soul to pursue other activities. You give them space to let new ideas in. You go with the flow, and with flow comes creativity. You find yourself becoming a more creative person and embracing the new that life has to offer.

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