February 15 – Feeling Crazy

Feeling crazy seems to be the norm for women who do too much. We feel insane under the mounting pressure of all our worries and the burden of the mental and emotional loads we carry. All too often, women (and people in general) are labeled crazy for the simple act of showing emotion. Why is it we value rationality over emotion? It is natural, after all, to have feelings. How could anyone be expected not to feel insane when faced with the pressures we do at work and in life?

photo of sea waves crashing

On the topic of feeling crazy, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Why is it that we always seem to be the ones that need the help. We do feel crazy at times, and feelings of being overwhelmed are not unfamiliar. And yet, why does the label craziness (if someone has to be crazy!) always rest on us?

Sometimes, it’s a relief to admit that we feel crazy. We do need someone to talk with when we feel isolated. Others appear to cope all right. Why can’t we? At least, talking with someone or going to a group with other women helps us recognize that we are not alone in these feelings. Seeking out help and support can be a real turning point. Groups for workaholics are, after all, free.

Perhaps my inability to cope with an insane situation the way I always used to is a sign of my movement toward health.”

Overwhelm is real, and it takes a toll on our mental health. Though it may not feel that way most times, we are not crazy. We simply have too much to do, too many responsibilities, to keep our heads straight. It’s hard to feel clear, calm and rational when you are facing down multiple looming deadlines, while also carrying the weight of your household and family on your shoulders. This is often a burden we take on ourselves, but it doesn’t make the pressure any less real. We all need to vent sometimes. Feeling crazy is just a sign that we need to take a step back and look to others for help. That takes admitting we need help. It is comforting to talk with other women who face this problem. We seek solace in our relationships with each other. It’s nice to have someone listen who really understands. To commiserate with a likeminded soul is to lift some of the burden you carry. A load is lighter when we all take turns sharing it. Ask for help, and you shall receive it. Seek understanding, and you will likely find it.

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