Februrary 13 – Personal Morality

Our personal morals are an inner guiding light. They give us direction and a deeper purpose, a sense of fulfillment to the way in which we live our lives. Without our morals, who are we really? To lose sight of one’s own morality is to lose sight of oneself. Our principles make us who we are.

asphalt dark dawn endless

On the topic of personal morality, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“One of the effects of the addictive process is that we gradually lose contact with our personal morality and we slowly deteriorate as a moral person. It is easy to see how the alcoholic or drug addict is progressively willing to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill or hurt the one she loves in order to get her fix. But women who do too much are not so different. We have moral slippage too. We will withhold information, lie, mislead, or undercut others to get ahead. We are willing to compromise our standards and our morality to get to the top. When we compromise our personal morality, we have sold our souls and we are losing the ‘us which is us.’

Part of recovery is to recognize that our personal morality is one of our most precious assets and too important to treat lightly.”

Often I think of lying or misleading to be hurtful toward others, but it is especially hurtful to oneself. When we lie and mislead, we are not only being outwardly dishonest, but also we are concealing who we are and what we know to be right. We are being dishonest to ourselves and it hurts. Getting ahead is not worth the cost of losing yourself in the process. The most important thing in life is how you treat others, and whether or not you do right by yourself and by them. All of us have an impact on the world around us. Make your impact felt in a positive way. How much is getting ahead worth to you? Are you willing to pay the cost of your relationships and integrity for professional and financial success? Personally, that cost is too steep for me. It’s easy to get caught up in the race to get ahead. It’s important that we take a step back to remind ourselves of who we are and what truly matters.

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