February 3 – Alone Time

Alone time is restorative. Moments alone bring us calm, clarity, and healing. They are times we focus solely on ourselves and our own needs, which is often a rarity in the lives of those who overachieve, who do too much. Even the smallest chunk of time carved out for ourselves is precious. We can enjoy the quiet and solitude of alone time on our daily commute, while cooking a meal, and even while taking a shower and preparing for the day.

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On the topic of alone time, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

“Such a little thing: finding time alone. We have often felt that if we took time for ourselves, we were taking it away from our children, our spouses, or our work and therefore it must be a perversion.

So many little moments during the day are so precious to us. Those few moments after we have sent everyone else off for the day and we can breathe . . . those times alone in the car or on the bus or subway when no one around knows us or can intrude . . . those sighing times in the bathroom when nobody is there . . . even those stolen moments alone while doing the dishes are precious to us.”

Alone time is a necessity, especially for the introvert who thrives on moments alone to recharge his or her batteries. It can feel selfish to want time all to yourself, especially as a woman who is conditioned to think about and care for others constantly. It is important to make your own needs a priority too, though. There is something so luxurious and wonderful about time spent solely on yourself. Without this time, our beings would wither and we’d lack the ability to give as generously as we’d like. You must have something in you to give, and when you give yourself away by focusing always on others, you leave nothing left to offer. Alone time is just part of life, and there is nothing selfish about wanting to care for yourself.

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